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Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Rejuvenation Los AngelesRejuvenation Los Angeles

Acupuncture Malibu

Acupuncture is a cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine. For thousands of years, it has been relied upon to treat a variety of conditions. These range from inconveniences as minor as a sore throat to illnesses as major as HIV. Many skeptics refuse to consider acupuncture to tackle health issues. However, even the National Health Institute has acknowledged acupuncture as a valid means of combating a plethora of disorders, especially when paired with more conventional medical treatment. For those looking for acupuncture in Malibu, we at Acupuncture Stem Cell provide a variety of affordable procedures.

Meet Dr. Harounian

Our clinic is headed by Dr. Yasmin Harounian. Dr. Harounian is one of the most decorated acupuncturists in the United States. Through her extensive study of Eastern medicine, Dr. Harounian has developed a knowledge of acupuncture that no doctor in California can rival. She has passed much of this knowledge down to the rest of the team here at Acupuncture Stem Cell, creating a supportive clinic in which the spirit and the body can thrive. This is in line with Dr. Harounian’s ultimate goal. Unlike most acupuncturists in the West, she does not focus exclusively on soothing a patient’s physical discomfort. While this is indeed of great concern to Dr. Harounian, she also strives to bring balance and alignment into each patient’s life. This ties her directly to the acupuncturists of the ancient East, who had a mystical world view. Just like Dr. Harounian, they understood that perfectly performed acupuncture can change a patient’s life far beyond the physical realm. 

Forms Of Acupuncture

At Acupuncture Stem Cell, we have a number of forms of acupuncture on offer. First and foremost, there is our traditional acupuncture treatment. This employs the techniques developed in ancient China 5000 years ago. It sees Dr. Harounian strategically insert fine needles into the patient’s body. In doing so, she can alleviate both physical pain and the underlying spiritual issues which may cause it. 

Electroacupuncture provides a modern twist on the acupuncture techniques of old. In electroacupuncture, a gentle electrical current is sent through fine needles and into the body. It is often used to stimulate the brain and facilitate the growth of new stem cells. It has also proven effective in easing joint pain and combating post-chemo vomiting in cancer patients.

Perhaps the most futuristic form of acupuncture we offer is laser acupuncture. As its name suggests, laser acupuncture replaces traditional acupuncture needles with low-energy lasers. When focused on the acupuncture points, these lasers can increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and expedite the regeneration of cells.

Book A Consultation Today

At Acupuncture Stem Cell, we delight in introducing new patients to the exciting possibilities of traditional Chinese medicine. If you have decided to pursue acupuncture in Malibu, contact us today to arrange a consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Harounian will talk you through the various options available to you. Once the best method of treatment for your condition has been established, you can begin your journey to a pain-free life!