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Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Rejuvenation Los Angeles

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Cupping Santa Monica

As its name suggests, cupping therapy utilizes a series of glass cups to produce suction on the body. These suction cups are typically heated to ensure a tighter vacuum around the targeted area. At Acupuncture Stem Cell, we have mastered the art of suction cupping. We blend it with a number of additional alternative medicine techniques to give our patients the most robust holistic healing experience possible. For those considering cupping in Santa Monica, Acupuncture Stem Cell is the way to go.

How It Works

There is no strict protocol that must be followed in cupping therapy. The only requirement is that the physician uses suction cups on the patient’s body. Owing to this flexibility, most practitioners of cupping have their own preferred way of doing things.

Dr. Yasmin Harounian is the head surgeon at Acupuncture Stem Cell. Unlike many other alternative healers in California, she devoted years to studying cupping as an art form. This allowed her to craft the most comprehensive cupping procedure in all of Santa Monica. As such, Dr. Harounian’s treatment promises healing of the body and mind. 

At Acupuncture Stem Cell, we use heated glass cups to form a tight seal around a patient’s skin. This creates suction, allowing Dr. Harounian to remove toxins from the body forcibly. But what really makes Dr. Harounian’s method of cupping so unique is her use of CBD oil. 

CBD is short for “cannabidiol”. It is a chemical compound commonly found in the cannabis plant. It is not, however, a psychoactive. This means it will not produce the high people often expect from cannabis products. Instead, it will give the patient a feeling of warm relaxation. Dr. Harounian applies CBD oil to the patient’s body once the cupping session has been completed. This helps alleviate any aches the patient may be feeling due to the intensity of the procedure. 

What Does It Treat?

Cupping therapy can be relied upon to battle a number of illness and disorders. At Acupuncture Stem Cell, we often use it to treat patients who are suffering from poor blood circulation. We also regularly turn to cupping therapy as a means of combating joint pain and the common cold. Additionally, it can be used to stimulate the digestive system. This makes it a popular choice of treatment among those who suffer from chronic constipation. Further conditions cupping can be used to treat include: 

  • Acne
  • Herniation
  • Paralysis
  • Asthma
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Anxiety

Like any form of alternative medicine, cupping therapy is most effective when used in conjunction with modern medical techniques. Unlike some other holistic healing centers in California, we will never encourage a patient to pursue alternative medicine exclusively. 

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At Acupuncture Stem Cell, we boast the most in-depth cupping therapy program in California. Crafted over years of meticulous research, it promises to rid the patient of discomfort while helping them attain harmony of the mind, body, and soul. If you’re searching for effective cupping in Santa Monica, contact us today to arrange a session with Dr. Harounian.