Energetic Health/Life Coach


Stacy Lynn Floyd

Stacy Lynn Floyd is passionate about her part in supporting the collective movement of “Healing into Wholeness” through the integration of alternative and conventional healing modalities.  As well as a direct focus on our Basic and Primary Foods

“We are what we think, believe, practice and consume”.

Stacy believes that becoming more present and attentive to our Primary Foods of Life, such as relationships, personal environment, spirituality, finances, creativity etc., we become more present to our minds, physical bodies, and ultimately our true nature.

She supports her clients in “what they are feeding their mind, bodies and spirit” literally and energetically. Her more recent focus is creating connections between the worlds of the energetic and practical healing modalities through personal development, metaphysics, science and spirituality.

Currently, serving several international platforms utilizing energy frequency medicine, stem cell technology, plant medicine, and personal development coaching with outstanding results.


Stacy Lynn’s accumulated work experience and skills in the fields of business, culinary, coaching and holistic wellness platforms allows her to engage in within various divisions of the Health and Well-Being Industries. Her primary interest is in healing modalities that are on the cutting edge of conventional & alternative medicine.  Primarily, the integration of these paths  into a sustainable flow of balance, well-being and prosperity of life.

She also holds a Certification as a Health Coach and has a practice as an Energetic Health/Life Coach. Stacy lives between London/California with her husband, who is also an Executive Life Coach.  

Stacy has served as an Integrated Chef on a developing TV/Movie Documentaries (on reversing Diabetes through alternative medicine and whole foods). She is currently working on the development of a series of Holistic Cooking Shows, showcasing  sustainable living and eating, through the energetics of food.

She has also spent that last three decades in intensive Personal development/investment in the Spiritual/Metaphysical fields, which she integrates with her Professional Training. 

Stacy Lynn’s life experience thus far positions her to serve deeply the Mind, Body and Spirit of our clients and humanity. 

Stacy’s Believes that the personal The Journey of Life, is the platform for deepest Transformations of Life, this is “the Best Experience of all”. 

She has a drive to “bridge the inner and outer worlds” into a Whole experience of life.

She knows that “walking your talk, living your visions, challenging your beliefs, and trusting your inner knowing”, is the key to internal and external happiness. And the key to self-healing and thriving.

Specialties: Intuitive Clairvoyant, Energy Facilitator/Counselor, Personal Development /Training, Culinary Training, Nutritional Guidance, Meditation/Mindfulness, Visioning and Life Coaching