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Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Rejuvenation Los AngelesRejuvenation Los Angeles

Stem Cell Therapy Beverly Hills

Stem cell therapy is a testament to the marvelous feats of modern medical science. For many people, it has provided a path to recovery when one seemed impossible. At Acupuncture Stem Cell, it is our aim to introduce California to the healing made possible by stem cell research. We utilize a variety of stem cell treatments to cure an ever-expanding catalog of conditions. If you’re considering stem cell therapy in Beverly Hills, our clinic is the place to go.

How Does It Work? 

Stem cell research has been a frequent subject of media attention for decades now. Because of this, it’s safe to say most people have heard of stem cell therapy. However, not everybody fully understands what it is or how it works. To understand the positive effects of stem cell therapy, we must first understand stem cells themselves. There are two primary forms of stem cells. These are adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Both serve as the building blocks of other cells, such as brain cells and blood cells.

When placed among a group of specific cells, stem cells will evolve to mimic the cells surrounding them. This means they can be used to increase the number of specific cells in the body, thereby fighting illnesses. At Acupuncture Stem Cell, we achieve stem cell migration via QiLaser technology. Using the QiLaser, we guide stem cells toward the targeted area. They are then held in place until cell to cell communication begins. It is during this process that the stem cells take on their desired form.

Stem Therapy Via Acupuncture

QiLaser technology is certainly effective in stem cell rejuvenation. However, it is not the only method of stimulating the body’s stem cells. As you may have guessed, we at Acupuncture Stem Cell also utilize acupuncture to complement our QiLaser treatment. Acupuncture is a form of ancient Eastern medicine. It can be used to treat a variety of conditions, ranging from the common cold to infertility. However, it also has applications in the world of stem cell therapy.

By stimulating the acupressure points, acupuncture activates the pluripotent stem cells. In doing so, we can facilitate faster muscle and tissue repair. This makes acupuncture a popular method of treatment for athletes and others who commonly suffer joint and muscle pain, as it provides a timely and non-surgical solution to their problems.

Book A Consultation

Despite the countless stem cell therapy success stories, many people remain skeptical of stem cell treatment. We understand why a first-timer may have their reservations. If you’re not certain stem cell therapy is right for you, we encourage you to book an appointment with Acupuncture Stem Cell today. We will sit down with you to discuss - and hopefully alleviate - your concerns. We will also introduce you to the various forms of stem cell treatment to help you decide which, if any, is right for you. If you’re already an advocate of stem cell therapy, contact us today to arrange your latest round of treatment. Yes, for novices and long-time patients alike, Acupuncture Stem Cell is the number-one spot for stem cell therapy in Beverly Hills.